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List of nominations
All nominations Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For scientific developments in medicine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For the care and kindness for the patient» Nomination «For personal significant contribution to the development of the healthcare of Ukraine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For medical art» Nomination «Exemplar of service to society» Nomination «For achievements in international cooperation in health care» Nomination «Healthcare innovator» Nomination «The Best Medical Worker» Nomination «The Best Doctor»
Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For medical art»

The Applicant for the Award in the category "For the medical art" has significant personal merits in the field of health and practical experience of work of a doctor.

The criteria to be met by the nominees for the Award "For the medical art":

  1. Effective Practical Activity: he/she have much better work experience than a colleague, have effective work experience (rapid recovery, improvement of health, restoration of lost functions of systems and patients' organs) in the field of health care as a doctor of any specialty in any state, a communal or private health care institution.
  2. Professionalism and dedication: adheres to the Ethics Code of the doctor of Ukraine, possesses high professional skills. Skillfully plans and controls his/her activities on the basis of systematic and regular tracking, collection and processing of information on the progress of the tasks performed in a timely manner. All of his/her professional qualities translate into daily work with patients, providing highly skilled medical care to people, directing all their experience and knowledge on the return of patients to a full-fledged life. He/she is the author of patents, scientific articles, methodical recommendations and information letters, which reflect the innovations he has developed for the medical-diagnostic process. Constantly engaged in own continuous professional development. The medical service and the service to patients are the purpose of the applicant's activity.
  3. Achievements: demonstrates outstanding achievements in the field of his/her activities and public health, applies the latest and most effective approaches to achieving a specific goal. Embodies at work highly effective diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques that are worked out and applied in other countries or are own developments and procedures, which have led to a significant improvement in patients' health, quality of life and longevity. Has at least two of his/her own industry innovations. Achieves the set goals in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, taking into account the criteria of quality, adequacy and effectiveness. Highly respected among his/her colleagues and patients who are being assisted. Has honors from local, regional or central authorities.