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List of nominations
All nominations Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For scientific developments in medicine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For the care and kindness for the patient» Nomination «For personal significant contribution to the development of the healthcare of Ukraine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For medical art» Nomination «Exemplar of service to society» Nomination «For achievements in international cooperation in health care» Nomination «Healthcare innovator» Nomination «The Best Medical Worker» Nomination «The Best Doctor»
Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For scientific developments in medicine»

Applicant for the Award in the nomination "For scientific developments in medicine" has significant personal achievements in scientific activities in the field of health and practical experience of working as a doctor.

The criteria to be met by the nominees for the Award "For scientific developments in medicine":

  1. Effective research activity: has better than colleagues, the results of research work in the field of health care in the institution of health care of any form of ownership, the state, communal or private higher educational institution, institution of postgraduate education, scientific-research institution, which consists in developing a new scientific (scientific and technical) development, medical diagnostic technology, aimed at solving the most important, most urgent medical problems and significantly improved the quality of the provision of medical care to the population with a certain socio-economic effect.
  2. Achievements: For the first time in Ukraine / the world introduced his/her own scientific and practical developments, which are confirmed by research on the basis of evidence-based medicine; virtuous, generates non-standard ideas, which for others are not obvious and not derived from other sources, to explain situations and solve problems; creates the basis for improvements that will affect the activities of a particular area of ​​clinical, theoretical and preventive medicine that have already been introduced into the activities of health care institutions; he/she participated individually in reports in foreign scientific forums; is the author of Ukraine's individual patents for invention and/or utility model and scientific publications in Ukraine and abroad (excluding CIS countries). Has at least two own inventions, and his/her Hirsch index is not lower than 3.0. Scientific work in the field of health is the purpose of the applicant's activity.
  3. Result-orientation: achieves serious scientific results, is effective, focuses on modern scientific achievements, which have a practical, new significance in the field of health care. All of the goals are achieved through intensive scientific research and determination of the best solutions based on evidence-based medicine; while performing complex scientific and clinical tasks, he/she is able to take risks, demonstrate creative and highly effective approaches to achieve a solid scientific result.