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List of nominations
All nominations Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For scientific developments in medicine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For the care and kindness for the patient» Nomination «For personal significant contribution to the development of the healthcare of Ukraine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For medical art» Nomination «Exemplar of service to society» Nomination «For achievements in international cooperation in health care» Nomination «Healthcare innovator» Nomination «The Best Medical Worker» Nomination «The Best Doctor»
Nomination «Exemplar of service to society»

The Applicant for the Award in the nomination "Exemplar of service to society" has outstanding personal merits in the field of public health protection on voluntary basis, performing volunteering or other work related to spiritual enrichment and educational activities.

Criteria for determining the candidates for rewarding the Award in the nomination "Exemplar of service to society:

  1. Effective practical activity: he/she manifested a personal initiative, created (united) teams from like-minded people and carries out purposeful work in the following areas:
  • collection of charitable funds for treatment;
  • provision of the most necessary products and things of the needy in health care institutions;
  • establishing communications for rapid response to pot-rebuses that arise during treatment;
  • conducting seminars, master classes, trainings on development and patriotic education;
  • provision of medical care to victims, etc.;

   With the submission of detailed information on each case of work performed, confirmed by the analysis of publications in the media and the availability of letters, gratitudes and other testimonials of gratitude to those who have been given such assistance.

2. Achievements: during volunteering, which is carried out on the principles of spiritual enrichment and enlightenment, involves                 medical and other professional communities to active social life, forming groups of like-minded people; operates openly with a clear     definition of its civic position that inspires Ukrainian citizens to serve their native people in order to increase their well-being; an             exemplary active free-of-charge work on the basis of public and private solidarity serves the development of communities and               society as a whole.