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List of nominations
All nominations Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For scientific developments in medicine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For the care and kindness for the patient» Nomination «For personal significant contribution to the development of the healthcare of Ukraine» Medal of St. Panteleimon: Nomination «For medical art» Nomination «Exemplar of service to society» Nomination «For achievements in international cooperation in health care» Nomination «Healthcare innovator» Nomination «The Best Medical Worker» Nomination «The Best Doctor»
Nomination «The Best Medical Worker»

The Applicant for the award in the nomination "The Best Medical Worker" has outstanding personal merits in the field of health care and practical experience of working as a midwife or junior health worker (obstetrician, nurse, health care provider, etc.).

Criteria for determining the candidates for rewarding the Award in the nomination "Best Medical Worker":

  1. Effective practical activity: he/she is much better than colleagues, have an effective work experience (painless and comfortable for the patient to carry out the necessary procedures, execute manipulations in strict accordance with the appointments of the doctor, qualitative qualified level of care for the patient, etc.) at the health care institution of any type of ownership.
  2. Achievements: shows great merit in the field of its activities and in the field of public health protection as well as applies the latest and most effective approaches to achieve the result; has unquestioning respect among his colleagues and patients who are being assisted, due to subordination, tactful, polite and sensitive attitude to the patients, a sincere desire to help them.
  3. Devotion to the cause and professionalism: mercy and readiness to come to the aid immediately to the patient is the principle of the applicant's life. Has high professional qualities, which embodies in everyday work, providing assistance to people; selflessly contributes to satisfying the needs of patients and employees; he/she highly competent in general medical directions and emergency services at terminal conditions; constantly cares about the comfort of the environment, empathizes, attentive and responsible in everyday work; is an example of a correct and productive communication with patients.